Burch and Manley.  Around 1922, JR Burch started producing popcorn machines under the name Burch Manufacturing Company. Six months later, Charles T. Manley joined him and they formed the Burch Manufacturing and Sales Company. They separated in less than 12 months. Burch went to St. Louis and started the Star Manufacturing Company. It wasn't until 1940 that Manley changed the name of the original company to Manley, Inc.

When Burch started the Star Manufacturing Company, the product was on the low end of the quality and price line. The product did not sell well and the price was continuously lowered to be more competitive. Finally the Star name had deteriorated to the point that they decided to change the name to Advance Manufacturing Company. It was the same company and structure, only with a different name.

In 1948 when the sale of restaurant type equipment began to slow, Burch ran into financial problems. His stainless steel supplier, Hercules Steel, bought his business.

Wyandot Popcorn Museum has a restored 1932 Burch World's Fair Model. We had help from an employee of Manley, Inc., which is no longer in business. It is Model No. 5. Parts from a Princess Pat were used to complete the restoration.